A European Summer… a bucket-list must have, obviously.

Our girl Izzy is back and still bronzed from her gorgeous European summer. Fair to say we were all super jealous and wish we could have enjoyed the idyllic Italian sunset, glorious greek gyros or the perfect Parisian picture too.

We thought you may feel the same, so we have asked Izzy to share her experience so we can all dream of planning our own extravagant European escapes.

Izzy covered;

Italy (Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence, Pisa, Tuscany, Rome, Polignano A Mare), Greece (Santorini, Ios, Crete), Croatia (Sail Croatia – Split to Split), Paris, Netherlands (stayed with family in Breda & Zandvoort), London.

First of all – which was your favourite place?

I loved everywhere I travelled but my favourite would have to be Ios, Greece. We stayed in the most amazing hostel, Francescos, where we met so many Australian’s and lifelong friends. The views, restaurants and party scene was out of this world!

What was the best thing you purchased, edible or not?

The best edible thing I purchased would have to have been the Aperol Spritz in Italy… you can’t go past them! And of course the best piece of clothing I purchased was this colourful pin stripe jumpsuit from a store in Split, Croatia – comfort and fun all in one!

Most amazing images you took?

Greece is where all the great photos are taken, as Instagram will show you. I had plenty to choose from but my personal favourite would have to be this one in Santorini, Greece.

Talk us through your favourite memory.

It’s really hard to have just one favourite memory from a trip that was overall a great experience; there are so many memories that I’ll have for life! One thing that was an absolute highlight was the Diana Exhibition at Kensington Palace. Seeing her collection of amazing dresses and the hand drawn sketches from the designer’s themselves was something else. Being a design student I loved every minute of it.

My time in Ios, Greece and on Sail Croatia would also have to be highlights. We made lifelong friends with honestly some of the best people I’ve ever met.

Best foodie experience…

My best food experience would have to be in Florence. My friend and I went wandering one afternoon and came across a little café that backed onto the sidewalk (I can’t remember what it was called!). It was 10 euro for all you can eat food and a drink of your choice (we of course chose an Aperol Spritz). The food included cured meats, olives, cheese, bread, sandwiches, salads and desserts. It was awesome!

Another foodie experience I’ll never forget is the Greek speciality; Gyros. Everyday if not twice a day I indulged in a mixed gyros with extra garlic sauce… and for only 2 euro 😉

 Tell us about your favourite encounter with the locals…

When visiting Cinque Terre in Italy we stayed in a town close by called La Spezia. It was a gorgeous, vibrant town that surprisingly had a lot of young residents. We met a group of English speaking Italian guys our age who were really lovely and invited us to a beach party, it was so much fun! The next night we met up with them again and they took us to ‘Nonno’s Bar & Café’ where we got to spend time with Nonno and get an insight into how Italians celebrate.

If you were to go back, what would you do differently?

I would save a lot more money and treat it like more of a relaxation holiday. In Santorini, I’d love to stay in one of the Villa’s with an amazing view and infinity pool. We did Croatia on a boat for a whole week, and as much as it was possibly the best week of our lives, we all said we’d love to come back to Croatia and do it properly (not be hung over every day).

+Izzy & Steph

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