For this weeks Ladies We Love series we caught up with natural beauty Ruby Keddie ahead of the 2016 Brownlow. Ruby is the partner of Greater Western Sydney’s Captain Callan Ward and we have been in awe of her Brownlow style every damn year. Read on to hear all about this years dress, her favourite spots in Sydney, fashion and more!

Thank you so much for featuring Ruby! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Your passions and aspirations?

I am 25 years old, I graduated from Whitehouse Institute of Design at the end of 2013 with a Bachelor of Design in Creative Direction. Before that I took a year off after high school to experience the wonderful world of backpacking. I travelled around Europe and the UK for 3 months. That is where I picked up my travel bug and realised that I wanted to pursue a career in fashion/entertainment of some kind. I grew up in Melbourne and moved to Sydney 4 years ago to live with my boyfriend who had recently moved their for work. My passions are my friends and family, my dog who I treat like a human baby, fashion & design.


Can you tell us a bit about your job? What do you love about it and the challenges you face? What did you want to be when you were a kid?

I work at IMG (International Management Group) in the Talent Division of our Sydney office. I look after logistics for a number of media and digital influencer/fashion related talent based in Australia. It’s such an exciting and fast paced industry to be a part of, I love everything about my job there is never a dull moment. I work well under pressure so quite enjoy the last minute dramas and changes that often arise when organising interstate or international travel, photo shoots, media opportunities, and appearances. The talent we manage are really lovely to work with which makes my job easier, it’s exciting to work behind the scenes on their upcoming work and campaigns and then seeing the finished product months down the track, It’s inspiring.


We love following you on Instagram… Can you tell us a bit about your style?

I have always thought of my style as quite masculine as I am often more in love with everything in the men’s section than the women’s and like to share t-shirts with Cal (when he is not looking). I am usually in low crunch pants and sneakers but also really enjoy getting dressed up. I get a lot of my clothes made when I am overseas so I try and plan out upcoming events in advance, like races and weddings etc. before each trip. When getting dressed up I like to make quite bold but classic choices and just have fun with fashion. My casual wear is very neutral so when getting dressed up colour is on the top of my priority list.



The Brownlow is well and truly upon us and we are excited to see you are working with Lana Wilkinson and Cappellazzo Couture again! What can we expect for this year’s dress?

I am really looking forward to the Brownlow this year, I didn’t want to take my dress off at my last fitting! Sonia Cappellazzo (from Cappellazzo Couture) and Lana work so well together, I love what they have created for me. My dress this year is quite young and fresh, it feels really bold and high fashion but quite simple at the same time, which is what I love about it. I don’t want to give too much away but I think it’s almost the polar opposite to what we did last year.


Can you give us details about your previous dresses? Which one was your favourite? What do you love most about the Brownlow and what is your favourite part of the night?

This will be the third year in a row I am wearing a custom piece by Cappellazzo Couture so it’s safe to say her creations have been my favourite. This will also be the fourth year I have been styled by Lana Wilkinson, it really helps when you are working with a great team and you all have similar ideas of what you want in a dress. My dress last year was made from 25 metres of silk in the skirt and a knit body suit so we all really loved the contrast and edge of that one. To date last years is my favourite but I think this years dress might take the new title.. I can’t decide!
The Brownlow is a really fun night for all of us at the Giants. We have one table of players and partners and another with board members and coaches, it’s great to all be able to celebrate the boys and clubs achievements throughout the year together. We are a really close club and getting together outside of training/games which is nice. My favourite part of the Brownlow would have to be the winners speech. It’s such a special moment for them and it’s just great we get to be a part of it in the flesh.




Your partner Callan Ward is the Captain of the Greater Western Sydney Giants, who have made their first finals appearance this year. What was the vibe like in your household last week in the lead up to the preliminary final against the Western Bulldogs (Cal’s old club)?

The vibe at our house ahead of the Giants first preliminary final against the Bulldogs last week was was just exciting. Callan and his team mates were so pumped to take part and worked so so hard to get there. It was a devastating loss over the weekend but everyone is trying to stay positive and we know we will come back bigger and better next year.


Immersed in the Sydney lifestyle, can you indulge our readers in your favourite places to eat, drink and shop?

I now call Sydney home and have fallen madly in love with the place! Callan and I live in the East so are close to some beautiful beaches and great food spots. We would usually eat out on weekends when it’s all about carbs ahead of a game, Italian is our go to. One of our favourites is La Spiaggia on Coogee Bay Road in Coogee and The Italian Bowl in Newtown. When we are out with friends we usually head to Double Bay for a drink at the Golden Sheaf Hotel or Mrs Sippy. My office recently moved into the city which I knew would be dangerous as I am now a 2 minute walk from The Strand Arcade and Pitt Street Mall which is so great for shopping. There are some great hidden gems in Gould Street in Bondi and the Intersection in Paddington is a one stop destination for Australian designers.


You slayed at last year’s Spring Racing Carnival… Can you talk about some of your favourite outfits? What are your outfit plans for this year?

The Spring Racing Carnival is my favourite week of the year! Last year I had my dresses made for both Derby day and Cup day. I like to stick to the traditions of black and white for Derby day and bright and fun for Cup day. Last year I couldn’t decide if I should wear black or white to Derby day so I went with both when I found a great tartan fabric and kept the design really simple as the fabric was a bit crazy. For Cup day I will admit the shoes came before the dress so everything was planned backwards! This year I will be wearing something bright and fun for Cup day again and was thinking of getting a fresh floral head piece made.



Approaching the footy off-season, are you and Cal planning a trip anywhere? Where are your favourite places to escape to and why?

Callan and I have a trip planned for mid October, we are off to Thailand and then Bali for a close friends wedding. Callan and I both love hot weather so we usually only travel to warm destinations during his off season. The last 5 years we have been to Koh Samui in Thailand, America and Mexico, Vietnam, and Hawaii. One of my favourite spots in the world is Hvar in Croatia, I would love to try get back there next year. I have always wanted to go Turkey and the Maldives.




Here at Circus Media our bucket lists are overflowing! Do you have one? If so what are your top must-dos?

I always talk about having a bucket list but haven’t quite gotten around to making one yet. I will try make that my New Years resolution! I love trying new things and travelling. Being in Sydney living away from home out of my comfort zone is a big tick off the bucket list moment for me. My top must dos for the future would have to be jeep driving in Abu Dhabi, renovating a house and seeing Callan win a premiership with the Giants.


What is one thing you can’t leave the house without?

It sounds bad but I can’t leave the house without my phone. It’s my safety net I think I am on Google asking it questions at least 5-10 times a day. I always have paw paw in my bag and and a note pad and pen, I am a crazy list maker.

Lastly we are all dying to know what a day in your life looks like, what do you usually get up to?

My days vary depending on where I am as I travel quite a bit back and forth between Melbourne and Sydney. In Sydney when working I catch the bus to our office every day in Martin Place, we have an open plan office with 80-90 staff and I sit at a group desk with 3 amazing girls from our team. I am known at work for my fast and very loud typing, I pretty much don’t get off my emails for anything (besides a bathroom break) from 9:00am – 6:00pm then it’s on the bus back home to spend the night in with Callan and our house mate James watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette or any trashy reality program that is running at the time! In Melbourne I try and spend as much time with friends and family as possible because I don’t see them as much as I would like to anymore living in another state.



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