She possesses all the qualities of what makes an athlete great – hard work, determination, commitment, competitiveness, drive, discipline. But this year Melbourne Vixens Netballer Kate Moloney has taken her status to another level; taking on the captaincy role and playing some of her best netball, with Australian Diamonds Coach Lisa Alexander keeping a close eye on the rising star.

Thanks for chat Kate! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a netballer, uni student and coffee lover!

When I’m not on the netball court or at uni, I am often found at a café around Melbourne trying to find the best smashed avo and coffee in town!

Can you tell us a bit about your netball journey? What has it taken to get to where you are today?

I was lucky enough to be brought up in a family who loved sport. I started playing netball at my local courts in Diamond Creek when I was six. I loved all sports trying everything from basketball to swimming, but in the end it was netball. I grew a love for the sport and started to work my way up the ‘Netball Victoria pathway’ through state teams, the Victorian Netball League and onto the Australian Netball League. In 2012 I was fortunate to represent the U/21 Australian Team on a tour of the Caribbean’s and it was when I returned home from there that I received the call up to join the Melbourne Vixens. For me it was a dream come true!

Can you tell us about the role sport has played in your life, some of the most important things you’ve learnt?

Sport has played a massive part in my life, as I said previously I was lucky enough to grow up in a family who loved sport. It is so important to stay active, healthy and too enjoy yourself! Sport has given me so much, being apart of a team sport you build friendships that you will have forever but you also learn so many life lessons. It teaches you so much from the importance of winning and losing, teamwork, camaraderie and leadership. It has taught me that nothing comes easy in life, there is also a winner and loser, but its how you respond to the victories and the defeats that says so much more about you as a person! You have to work hard to achieve what you want.

You were recently appointed Captain of the Melbourne Vixens, congratulations! Can you talk us through your emotions when it was announced?

To be perfectly honest it took a little while to settle in and feel real. It is a massive honour to captain the Melbourne Vixens and something I am very proud of. I felt that I was ready to take that next step in my leadership and felt the team was ready for me to do that also. When you look at the past captains of the Melbourne Vixens you see the likes Sharelle McMahon and Bianca Chatfield – absolute superstars of our game. So there are some very big shoes to fill there, but I’m loving the new challenges that it’s bringing me.

So many young aspiring netballers looked up to you before you were Captain, but it seems that has sky rocketed since your appointment. How does it feel to be an influential role model? Has it changed the way you go about anything?

We are extremely lucky as netballers to be in a privileged position were young girls and boys see us as role models. Has it changed the way I go about things? No I wouldn’t say it has, I think the best that I can do is continue to be me, continue to do the things that have help me get to where I am today. Hopefully by continuing to do that I can help inspire young girls to work hard and follow their dreams!

This year is obviously a massive year for the netball world, with the beginning of the Suncorp Super Netball League. What are your thoughts on the new league? Do you feel any added pressure to perform?

I’m loving the new Suncorp Super Netball League. I believe addition of Sunshine Coast Lighting, Giants Netball and Magpies Netball, along with the 5 original teams has helped take our competition to a whole new level!

In Melbourne we are loving the growth of our new hometown rivalry with the Magpies, and cant wait to watch the rivalry grow over the next few years.

I think its great for Netball and sport in Melbourne! Every year our competition gets better and better on and off the court and this year is no exception. We are seeing close games week in week out due to the evenness of the competition this year, which is really exciting!

You’ve played alongside team-mates Liz Watson, Chloe Watson, Emily Mannix and Jo Weston since you were little tackers. How special is it to share this whole experience with them, knowing the ups and downs you’ve all faced to get here?

One of the best things about playing netball with the Melbourne Vixens is that you get to play with some of your best friends, girls who you grew up playing netball with. It’s crazy to think how far we have all come, and how different each of our netball journeys have been, and yet we have all ended up in the same place.

Being able to stick together has definitely been an advantage for us, we know each other so well, we know what makes each other tick and we have strong combinations out on court.

Do any particular experiences, teams, or athletes stand out? Has anyone you’ve worked with particularly inspired you?

Bianca Chatfield is definitely a player that stands out for me. Bianca was the captain of the Melbourne Vixens when I first started in 2013. She took me under her wing when I arrived, she showed me how its done both on and of the court. I believe she is the ultimate leader, the way she went about her on court leadership and also the way she brought team together off the court was something pretty special to be part of! I was lucky enough to play alongside Bianca in our 2014 premiership.

What advice do you have for young people wanting to make it in their chosen sport?

First and foremost HAVE FUN! You will always play your best when you are enjoying what you are doing!

Secondly never give up on your goals!

Netball was never smooth sailing for me but what I learnt was to use the disappointments as motivation. When someone thought I was wasn’t good enough I wanted to go out and prove them wrong! There is no better feeling when someone says you cant do something then to go out and do it, whether its in sport or in life. Try to learn from them and use that as motivation to be better.

Can you tell us a bit of what you do outside of netball? What do you like to do in your spare time?

Outside of netball, I like to think of my self as a coffee and café enthusiast!

But on a more serious note, I am currently in my last year of studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Health Science. I often get asked what are you going to do after your finish your course? Well to be perfectly honest I still haven’t quite worked that out. Maybe I will be an astronaut.

I recently finished up working at the Parkville Youth Detention Centre, an experience I loved and learnt a lot from, it was one of the most challenging yet rewarding roles.

I feel very fortunate to be in the position I am, I love coaching and mentoring at a grass roots level. Our next generation Vixens!

Lastly, what are your hopes for the future?

I hope to continue to grow and develop into the best netballer and person I can be. To continue playing netball for the Melbourne Vixens and hopefully the Australian Diamonds one day.

I love the club and its culture. I am very thankful for every opportunity they have given me. Our goal this year is too win the inaugural Suncorp Super Netball League premiership.

Thanks so much for featuring Kate! Myself and the Circus Media team wish you and the Melbourne Vixens all the best for the rest of the 2017 season – bring it home!


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