Heidi is a Geelong local, mother of three, the head netball coach at Geelong Amateur Football Netball Club (where Carly and myself play) AND runs her own business – Coastal Golf Victoria. Talk about a #BossLady! Want to find out more? Keep on reading!

Thanks for featuring on our Ladies We Love series Heidi! Firstly can you tell us a little about yourself?

No worries at all Jess! So, I am a born and bred Geelong girl who is now a wife and mum of 3 gorgeous girls. I have a busy life running my own business, coaching & playing at senior level netball, keeping alive a mini zoo at home (dog, cat, rabbit, cocky, budgies and chickens) plus I love nothing more than catching up with friends and family for a wine or two.


Can you describe yourself in three words?

Stubborn, hardworking, wine-lover!

You started a business called Coastal Golf Victoria; can you give our readers an overview of the business?

Coastal Golf Victoria is like a travel agent for golfers. I specialise in organising golf & accommodation packages to help social golfers play on the Bellarine Peninsula.


When did you start this business and what gave you the idea?

Well in November 2014 I left my job at The Sands Torquay to start Coastal Golf Victoria.  I had worked at The Sands for over 10 years and frequently we would get enquiries from golfers who were getting frustrated at having to make heaps of phone calls trying to organise tee times, accommodation and transport in an area they knew little about. I thought if they could just make contact with one person who could organise the lot then that would have to be much easier for them.

What are the benefits to having your own business? What do you love most? What are the challenges of having your own business?

The thing I love most is the flexibility. I can pack up my computer and take it with me if we go away and because I generally work from home it means when my girls are sick, on school holidays or when they have special days at school I can be there for them.

Keeping motivated and staying focused. It’s easy to get carried away with other parts of your life and put work off until another day.

What are your hopes for the future with Coastal Golf Victoria?

My ultimate goal is that whenever golfers throughout Victoria think about a stay and play trip to the Bellarine Peninsula then they automatically think to call us.

You manage a business focused around golfing, is golfing a passion of yours?

Actually no, I’m not a golfer! However I do appreciate the beauty of a golf course and the amount of effort it requires to keep a pristine course. I do plan on taking up golfing once I finish playing netball.

You say you love the beauty of a golf course, do you have a favourite course, and perhaps it’s overseas?

I don’t have a favourite however I really would like to visit the home of golf, St Andrews, Scotland.

Coastal Golf Victoria is all about getting away to play, what’s your ideal weekend getaway?

A weekend away with family and friends, good food and wine keeps me happy.

You’re also a mother of three beautiful girls, and coach around 40 women! How do you and husband Troy manage the work load, as well as a social life?!

We are lucky that the guys and girls we are involved with through netball and work are great people who we also class as our friends. So although work and netball take up most of our time it’s a very social environment and we have lots of fun.

You’re a wife and mother, is your family supportive of your busy lifestyle?

Definitely, I am very lucky to have a supportive husband and kids who go with the flow. They don’t know me any other way.

Everyone has an inspiration, what or who is yours?

I would have to say my mum is my inspiration! She has been through a lot in her life and she never dwells on the negatives. She just looks forward and keeps on going. Nothing is too much for her. She’s awesome!

Do you have any wise inspirational words for something looking to start their own business, or perhaps a mother wanting to get back to work? 

Do what makes you happy, no one else can do it for you.

Lastly, what is your favourite quote?

I always forget quotes, but the words I truly believe to be true are – “everything happens for a reason”.

Be sure to visit Coastal Golf Victoria’s website to organise your perfect golf getaway!


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