Greta Gercovich, 22, started her own Personal Training and Group Fitness business earlier this year in combination with her Degree in Health Science. Since then her sessions have grown in size, has a loyal client base and will be the head trainer at this years Run Geelong event. Greta prides herself on offering inclusive group sessions, incorporating a variety of training styles that will sure to push everyone to work hard and get results. Greta is passionate about promoting a positive and realistic approach to health and fitness, while striving to assist others in reaching their goals.

What made you get into personal training and start your own business Gretfit?

I’ve always been a really active person, and a few years ago I found myself organising fitness sessions with friends just for fun! I also started participating in a variety of local group fitness sessions and loved the friendly atmosphere amongst everyone. It then occurred to me that doing a Personal Training course along with my degree in Health Science would be a perfect combination and the idea grew from there!


Speaking of the name how did that play on words come about?

The idea for ‘Gretfit’ came about while I was joking around on one of my social media posts for Instagram. I was with friends and we were laughing about different fitness hashtags that worked well with my name (cue Sweaty Gretty) and it was then I realised that Gretfit could actually work really well as a business name! Not only because it was unique but it also showed a little bit of my humour and personality too.


What type of sessions do you run?

My outdoor fitness sessions are generally based around HIIT principles. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and involves short bursts of high intensity activity followed by short rest periods. Each session is different, and we incorporate a range of different exercises to keep things challenging!

I welcome all fitness levels, and participants are encouraged to give 110% effort throughout the session. The sessions are designed to be a challenge but are designed so all fitness levels can and perfect for anyone looking to improve their fitness!


What do you think stops people from getting involved in fitness?

I honestly believe the biggest reason behind people avoiding fitness training is nerves! There are so many people out there desperate to get involved with a fitness community or group, but simply feel too anxious to make the first move.

There are a number of reasons people might feel anxious about coming to a session- not feeling fit enough, not wanting to feel left out or isolated, or simply not wanting to come on their own! I place a real focus on including each person into the group and making sure everyone feels welcome, I fully understand the importance of a welcoming and safe environment. So if you’re considering getting started, send me a message and let’s get started!

Why should people train with Gretfit?

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have created a fun, social and challenging fitness environment. If you’re looking for somewhere to test yourself, and meet friendly like-minded people then this is it! My sessions are casual, so you don’t need to sign up to any contract and you can simply come along when it suits!

My approach to health and fitness is a grounded and realistic one. I have a thorough understanding of the mental health benefits associated with exercise, and I love seeing the overall health benefits and newfound confidence of those involved with our sessions!


Can you tell us about your #rungirlrun squad in association with Cotton On.

Nearly two months ago I was approached by Cotton On Body, and asked to run an 8 week program in the lead up to the Run Geelong event! I was super excited to get involved, especially knowing how amazing the cause is – over $2.3 million has gone to child health care projects over the years of Run Geelong!

The #rungirlrunclub squad is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm along the Geelong Waterfront, and is open to the public for free! The sessions go for approx. 30 minutes, and accessible for all fitness abilities. It’s fun, social and perfect for preparation for the 6km event.

How will you prepare for Run Geelong?

I plan on getting plenty of sleep the night before – I like to try and treat run event days like any other, but I’m sure I’ll be super excited and ready to go the second I wake up!


Are there any new trends in the fitness industry that you love or would avoid?

There are always new trends popping up in the fitness industry, and my advice is if you find something you love, that you can be consistent with and you’re enjoying, stick with it! It’s easy for people to lose motivation along their fitness journey so finding something that makes you want to keep moving is important.

At one stage there was a major fad with tea-toxes and strict detox diets. This is something I would definitely avoid, as a majority of these detoxes contain medical grade laxatives! Be realistic, be safe and do your research!


What is your main philosophy when it comes to the clients you train?

Be consistent and realistic with your training! Fitness isn’t a certain body type, it’s about balance and how you feel.

What are some of your goals for the future?

Short term: Continue to offer group fitness sessions through a few different avenues and build the Gretfit community!

Long term: I’m in the process of developing a few different exciting programs, and also starting to research health retreat locations- stay tuned!


When you aren’t working or training yourself, what do you enjoy doing?

I love spending time with friends and family, and our beautiful golden retriever Moses (he features a lot on my social media)! I’m always happy to do anything active along the beach, we live in such a beautiful part of Victoria!

Lastly, what songs do you work out to?

I mix my songs up regularly, this keeps me motivated and moving! I like to listen to anything I can sing along to, or relaxed beach tunes if I’m stretching or going for a walk!



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