We were thrilled to catch up with the down to earth floral addict and owner of As Daisy Does, Daisy Gubbins.


Thanks so much for featuring Daisy! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where did you grow up, some of your hobbies and interests?

I grew up in Western Australia and moved back to Geelong when I was young, I went to school in Geelong and fell into Vet Nursing after I completed year 12. Having a Grandma who is a very talented gardener however it didn’t take long for me to venture down that path and now here I am!

The girls at Circus Media are in awe of the nature filled sanctuary that is As Daisy Does. Can you tell us more about the business? How did it come about?

The business started as a part time job with another florist, I didn’t quite have the creative rights that I craved however so found myself doing smaller jobs for people on the side. It turns out that people like my ‘foraged’ looking flowers so I took the plunge and started renting a shed. It has been onwards and upwards from there.


The ariel ambiance that you have created through carefully arranged botanics is inspiring! What are some of the things that inspire you?

I am inspired more than anything by my Grandma and the knowledge she shares with me however I love picking up from market that is a bit different and quirky, using them in arrangements and working out how the best utilise them is my favourite part of my job.

What are your hopes and goals for As Daisy Does in years to come?

I am hoping to expand into more house styling with indoor plants and also to stretch the hire aspects of the business. My five year goal would be to incorporate a second level and cafe into the space… big dreams.


Spring has sprung and we love it! What are your favourites for this season?

I don’t have favourites, that is like picking my favourite child however I always incorporate Sea Holly into my arrangements. Pops of blue look so gorgeous and always relax the feel of the flowers.

What do you love about your job? What are some of the challenges you face?

I love flowers and I love people, getting to know the community and having familiar faces return to the shop is always encouraging. It makes me feel like I am doing it right and people are appreciating my blooms. Weddings and time restraints can be challenging however I am not much of a stress-head so I try to take it all in my stride and just make it work, no matter what goes wrong.


How do you enjoy the Geelong culture of small business owners?

I love Geelong and all the other small businesses, I am not much of a competitive person so I always embrace new businesses and faves that pop up in the area. I think most people are supportive of each other and can appreciate that we are all facing the same struggles and all working as hard as each other.

The café culture in Geelong has skyrocketed recently. What are your favourite places to eat and drink?

My favourite place to eat and drink at the moment is right across the road, Boom Gallery for my morning coffee everyday plus they make a mean lunch.


From what we see your job appears to be just magical. Run our readers through what a day in the life of Daisy would look like?

A day in my life would be to get up and head to the flower market, clean up and bunch all the flowers, do the delivery run and then muck around in the shop in the afternoons doing anything from emails to sweeping. It is never ending!

What else can we find in As Daisy Does currently? What are some of your favourite things in-store?

My favourite things at the moment consist mainly of our indoor plant range, we just got some amazing Devils Ivy in store and finally some Chain of Hearts. I love watching them grow and change. I am also very in love with our range from Clay by Tina, she is one very clever lady.


Lastly, if you had a bucket list. What would be number one?

Number one on my Bucket List would be to go to Germany and complete a Masters in Floristry, wild I know haha. I might go sky diving afterwards.



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