If you hadn’t heard of Abby Gilmore prior her high-profile split from Western Bulldogs premiership player and childhood sweetheart Jake Stringer, it might surprise you to know that the young mum has actually surpassed ‘The Package’ with a solid social media following that continues to climb daily.

Not just another ‘Mummy blogger’, the outgoing 23-year old has an innate skill for telling it like it is and has recently launched an exciting new blog called According To Abby. What began as a creative outlet to share her thoughts on motherhood has grown into a large social media audience; people who share her stories, both her happy moments and her difficult times.

Refreshingly honest and hilarious to boot, Abby is now putting her energy into helping people and creating a platform to bring awareness to issues she is passionate about. Her driving force is to change the stigma around being a young mum, her desire to inspire and empower people, to build a pathway for herself and most importantly, to provide a strong role model for her daughters.

We are lucky enough to be managing all media and other opportunities on behalf of Abby including launching her blog (which is AH-MAZING but we’re not biased at all) and she took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for our readers. Enjoy!

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Thanks for chatting with us Abby! Can you tell us a bit about yourself, where you grew up, your passions & hobbies?

No worries at all! I’m a country girl from Bendigo! The youngest of 4 siblings (and the funniest) growing up as a kid you couldn’t shut me up, I was always the happy bubbly one!

Having a baby was my dream since I can remember and now I have two gorgeous girls who just make me feel so blessed everyday. I’m passionate about helping people, its really what drives me to do my blog and use my platform, once you start it actually becomes quite addictive. My hobbies include constantly counting the minutes until I can be with my girlfriends. Netball and writing… how boring do I sound? I swear I’m not. Oh and um recently single – forgot to add that minor detail!

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You have two adorable little girls, Milla and Arlo – how have you found the journey of motherhood so far?

I do! – Motherhood is such a fulfilling, incredibly rewarding job. But I wont lie, its bloody hard work at times. It was hard with someone helping me but it’s even harder on your own as a single Mum, so I’ve learnt to just accept all the help I can get and lean on my friends when I need to!

You really cant explain it hey, suddenly you don’t live for yourself anymore you live for the two human beings you created. Being only 23 most people my age probably would hate the thought of having two young kids and being ‘restricted’ I suppose you could say. I find it quite amazing. Seeing them smile at me and their little faces light up when I walk into a room will forever beat any adventure, night out, travelling experience I could have ever had.

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As a Mum, what is the best advice you have received?

“Don’t let yourself become so concerned with raising a good kid that you forget you already have one”. I think I go by this more than ever right now in my life just with everything I’m going through.

You tend to think so much about the effects it will have on your kids that I think you start to go loopy by thinking every little naughty thing they do is your fault and only happening because of the circumstances… No it’s not, your kid is fine. Stop worrying so much, you’re a great parent (that’s what I tell myself anyway).

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What are some of the most important values that you want to instil in your daughters lives?

I want my girls to learn RESPECT. Sing it with me. I just cannot love the word and what it stands for enough. It’s something you need to have everyday. For yourself, for your partner, parents, friends, animals, things, EVERYTHING. If you don’t have respect, you have nothing. Its really the main one for me, along with so many others but respect would have to be my main thing.

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What does a day in the life of Abby look like?

I get woken up by Milla coming in my room saying “Morning mummy! Im awake!” (I am FULLY aware shes awake might I add, the door flying open and footsteps pounding down the hallway was more than enough confirmation). We play in bed, we grab Arlo who is awake and rolling around chatting to herself in the cot. Go down stairs, eat breakfast, have a big play at home (cartoons, toys, cubby house, go for a walk), the girls then have their nap together while I jump on my laptop and respond to emails, write or just have a nap myself (housework is never a priority, oops). They wake, we might go to a friends house, or the play shack, supermarket, who knows the possibilities are endless! 5pm rolls around and it’s time to get the dinner cookin! Bath. Play. Then bed for the girls around 7pm. Once they’re down, I’ll try and go exercise, or I’ll just have a shower, put my feet up and tune into some Telly. (I will have snapchatted majority of my day whilst all this is taking place might I just add). Then I stay up on my laptop and write till my hearts content… not that exciting I know but everyday is different!

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You recently launched your own blog, what are your hopes for According to Abby and what do you hope to achieve from it?

I did. I hope that I can just continue doing what I’m doing. I don’t have any big plans, I’ve learnt that if you plan too far ahead you have more of a chance of being let down as it may not go the way I want it to! I just take it day by day. I started this by just being me, sharing my life whether that be my happy times or my struggles so I think that as long as I do that and stay true to myself I’ll achieve happiness out of it all which is my main goal.

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Who are your biggest influences? Who inspires you the most?

Milla & Arlo.. my girls are my biggest inspirations without even realising it. They inspire me every day to be a strong person. I’ve raised old souls, they’ve been here before and this time round they’re teaching me valuable lessons that’s for sure. My biggest influencers.. I’d have to say Haylea Cooney. She has been my absolute rock since, well.. a really long time. I’ve never met someone more devoted to her friendships. She is the reason I smile everyday. She is the reason I feel like going on when things get a bit difficult. She’s pretty damn wonderful and no, I won’t be sharing her!!

Of course I wouldn’t be who I am without my Mum and Dad also. They’ve kept me grounded since forever, they’ve taught me so many valuable lessons in life. Honestly, they are the most loving people I could have in my life and are always behind me supporting everything I do.

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If you could pack up tomorrow and go anywhere in the world for a holiday, where would you go and who would you take with you?

I’d go to…. Hawaii! I’d take my best friend Haylea with me. She could do with a holiday from having to deal with all my shit the last few months the poor girl. Honestly though, like I said before she’s my rock. You know that quote – “Behind every man is an even greater woman” yeah, well that’s us except rather then behind me she’s always right beside me. (Oh and I’m not a man).

At what point did you decide to put everything on the social media table and give your followers an insight into your life?

The moment I joined Instagram I suppose. I didn’t know how it all worked for a while there, a bit like snap chat it took me a while to get the hang of.. then sharing just became a huge part of my life. You share little by little until your sharing everything one day and realising how much you relate to other people and are in actual fact changing their lives just by being honest. Why wouldn’t you if you could I guess?

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What has been the most positive aspect of putting yourself out there on social media?

The amazing messages I receive daily. I’ve saved peoples lives by doing something that’s just second nature to me now, and that’s just so incredibly touching. Something I will never be use to. People think I help them but what they don’t realise is how much they help me. I’ve just learnt that yes there are shitty people in the world but damn there are some amazing ones too and I’m lucky enough to have them follow me.

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With two young girls – how do you keep motivated to be constantly present on social media?

Honestly? Have you heard Milla sing a whole flipping verse of Ed Sheeran? Or Maroon 5? How could I not share!! She makes it so easy, I’m a proud Mumma wanting to share the hell out of my kids because I’m just so damn proud to have them. As far as sharing my struggles goes, I don’t find it too difficult either as for me its rather therapeutic.. You have no idea how amazing it is to just talk on my snap chat about how shit something is or how I’m sad about whatever it is I’m sad about, and receive the amount of beautiful messages afterwards.. it makes sharing the hard times so worth it. People love knowing that I too, experience bad days just like everyone else. It makes them feel normal I guess? I love helping people not feel so alone, and if I can do that by making myself vulnerable then I bloody will!

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What’s next for you?

Who knows!! It’s a secret I guess, and its; so much of secret that I don’t even know myself! I don’t want to make big plans or set huge goals. I’m just going to take it day by day. Life can throw some big curve balls so I’d rather not get my heart set on anything anymore (my poor hearts been through enough) so I’ll just say, watch this space and bring it on!


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