My time with the Circus Media team has completely opened my eyes to the world of public relations, specifically to what it’s like to work in an agency. Juggling clients and deadlines is all part of the daily job, and based on my time here, I can’t wait to jump head-first into this as a career.

The Circus Media team are all so welcoming and put me to work straight away, which was what I was hoping for. Some interns spend their time twiddling their thumbs, photocopying and getting coffee – but not me. I was fortunate enough to undertake some real public relations work, which I’ll be forever grateful for.

Some of the tasks I completed whilst interning at Circus Media included editing copy, writing media releases, contacting clients for quotes, putting together media lists, writing blog posts, taking part in photo shoots, conducting interviews, writing feature articles and headlines, conducting social media and website audits, creating social media content plans and copy, and extensive research tasks.

I was fortunate enough to do lots of work for this year’s Toast to the Coast festival, which was a real insight into event management, and all the bits and pieces that go on behind the scenes. I put together social media content prior to the event and got to attend to take photos and videos for Instagram.

While at Circus Media, I also took part in a digital marketing workshop, run by Carly’s other business, Project Empire. This was fantastic, as I learnt skills about online marketing and social media that they just don’t teach you in the university classroom.

I really do feel that this internship has prepared me well for both my final year of university and starting out in the industry. There’s still lots to learn, but this experience has taught me so much. I’m grateful to Carly for taking me on and for teaching me all about the industry and her business.

Carly and the Circus Media team have made me feel like part of the family, which you just don’t get from most places. I always thought that doing an internship would give me a leg-up in my career, but I had no idea that I would learn so much in just a couple of months. I’ve loved my time at Circus Media, and I’m excited to see where these skills will take me, both in my public relations career, and beyond.

+ Jacqui Thebes, Intern

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