Check out part-two of Deakin University PR student and recent Circus Media intern, Jacqui Thebes,  international internship experience in Indonesia.

“Sorry I haven’t been in touch for awhile, things have been super hectic and unfortunately I’ve been pretty sick on and off for the last couple of weeks! But I’ve still been having a great time in Jakarta.

I’m flying out in about 5 hours which is crazy! Although I’ve done so much in such a short amount of time, it doesn’t really feel like I’ve been away for a whole month.

As you know, coming here was such a big thing for me because I’ve never travelled before. This experience was a rollercoaster, full of ups… and downs, but I’m so glad I chose to come along for the ride.

Like I said in my last email, the first week in Yogyakarta was incredible. I got to experience Indonesian culture, make friends with locals, and see the sights. It was a week I’ll never forget.

I was nervous and excited to come to Jakarta – the big smoke of Indonesia – because I didn’t know what to expect from the workplace I was about to walk into.

The nerves quickly went away when our intern team met our bosses – co founders of Burgreens, Helga and Max Mandias.

They were so warm, welcoming, and really chill. They cracked jokes, gave us food, and we had a good chat about what we’ll be doing over the next three weeks. They let us have freedom in our work, even asking us what we’d like to do and learn. 

As I enjoy writing, I took on the task of creating a series of blog posts for the Burgreens and WWF collaboration campaign called ‘Live Greener’. The aim of this campaign is to encourage Indonesians and people everywhere to live a more health conscious, eco-friendly lifestyle.

As a team, another project we worked on was to create a three-part video interview series about Max (Burgreens co founder) to encourage more men to become vegan, as Burgreen’s current consumer base is surprisingly 70 percent female. The aim of this was also to publicise Max as more of a figure head for Burgreens.

We also created a 6 month social media content plan for ‘Live Greener’, and social media content plan for Max.

I was tasked to write a media release for a Burgreens event, which was very interesting as media release writing in Indonesia is completely different to Australia – not really following the structure I was taught and practiced at university. This was a challenge, but it was also great to learn more about public relations works in Jakarta.

Our group also took a weekend trip away to Pari Island of a Thousand Islands. This was a great escape from busy city life in Jakarta. We got to go swimming and snorkelling, eat local food, and watch the sunset.

We also attended a networking event on the 2nd of February. This was so much fun, as the event brought both Australian and Indonesian business people together in a night of music and dancing.

We celebrated our last night in Jakarta on the 46th floor of Plaza Indonesia at a rooftop bar. This was great end to a great trip. 

Hope you and your family are well! Say hi to everyone for me.”

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