Earlier this year I was lucky enough to attend Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing World Conference in San Diego alongside our Owner & PR Director, Carly.

The conference was an invaluable learning experience that included a diverse range of keynote speakers and insightful track sessions, and I’ve been able to directly implement the latest social media trends into my clients’ communication strategies.

You can hear more on the conference here as this blog is actually about everything but the conference.

Carly has always been a big advocate of making everything an experience and ensuring that her staff not only enjoy their work, but have the opportunity to enjoy all that life has to offer. So naturally, the conference trip turned into a bit of a junket and we added a few extra activities on the journey.

Carly, can you talk our readers through the journey from Melbourne to our first stop in Las Vegas.

Our flight to LA was delayed just enough that we missed our connecting flight to Las Vegas so I decided to pick up a hire car and drive instead. Not the worst outcome! We got to drive through the Californian desert at sunset, stopping at multiple strip malls and outlets as well as a ghost town, then drove into Vegas at night. The only problem was the fact that we entered the Strip from the less impressive end and I had been talking up that first glance of the lights for the last hour! I’ve been to America about ten times – Vegas four times – so it was pretty cool being a tour guide. Emily had also never driven in the US so she loved it.

Calico Ghost Town

What activities were your highlight in Vegas? Can you tell our readers more about the Death Valley Tour? What’s your favourite thing to do in Vegas?

 We certainly made the most of our four days in Sin City! We saw one of my all time favourite comedians Rob Schneider, who was supported by Chris Kattan of A Night at the Roxbury fame, we took a tour to the Grand Canyon (my fourth time but Emily had never been), and the Death Valley tour which I’d never done. I loved the Artists Palette, a rock formation that had colours of purple and green over it, as well as the Devil’s Golf Course and Badwater Basin.

My absolute favourite thing was visiting the Neon Museum and checking out all the old signage in the boneyard. I’m a huge history nerd so I loved it!

Grand Canyon

Artists Palette

Devil’s Golf Course

Where did we venture to next? Tell us all about the next destination and places we drove through to get there.

We then drove to Palm Springs but instead of going back the way we came, we looped around through Nevada and Arizona, through the towns of Searchlight, Laughlin, Bullhead City and Lake Havasu. I love getting off the beaten track and exploring really obscure places that you’d never see otherwise! All through those parts of America you can find beautiful desert and random old-school casinos. We arrived in Palm Springs in the evening and stayed at The Riviera, which was just gorgeous. We went to a famous restaurant called Billy Reed’s that had the most extensive menu the girls had ever seen – we got anxiety trying to pick dinner! That’s America for you. The next day we had brunch in a beautiful courtyard with the mountains in the background, then hired bikes and drove through the backstreets checking out the incredible architecture and landscaping that Palm Springs is renowned for.

Bill Williams River, Arizona

Lake Havasu

Palm Springs

Palm Springs

Your previous experience in San Diego was quite different to this time – tell us about it and how you see the city now.  

The first time I went to San Diego I was just a baby, I think I had just turned 20 so it was about ten years ago! I only went there to visit the San Diego Zoo (to see the polar bears) and Sea World (to see Shamu) so we actually stayed on the outskirts of San Diego and didn’t go downtown. Which meant I didn’t really see alot and consequently, didn’t think much of the place! Little did I know that San Diego is a beautiful, bayside city with a burgeoning foodie culture. I can’t wait to go back now!

Post-conference and prior to departing – tell our readers what we got up to on the final day of our travels. 

The night of the last day of the conference we of course let a little bit loose and enjoyed a few drinks out on the town. The next day we drove back to LA to watch some ice hockey – it was a thriller, the Blackhawks beat the Kings in the dying minutes, much to the home crowd’s dismay – then we check out the University of Southern California campus and hit up the merchandise store, before grabbing our last supper in Santa Monica! Emily and I slept almost the entire 15-hour flight home we were that exhausted. An absolutely epic trip – we’re already planning next year!

Zabriskie Point

If you’re heading to the any of the above places and want some recommendations, feel free to email emily@circusmedia.com.au

Thank you for reading! 

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