Owner and Director of Circus Media Carly is nine months pregnant and due to pop any minute now, like literally any second now, and she can’t wait. So I thought it would be funny to write about 10 things that may or may not induce labour, including some solid memes to go along with it.

Take A Walk
With a twist… Have one leg on the footpath, and the other one the road. The angle of your hips is said to push the baby further down the birth canal.

Drink Castor Oil
Though the oil causes diarrhoea and dehydration it is also said to induce labour. Many brave people who tried this claim that it does work.

Stimulate Your Nipples
The hormone oxytocin can stimulate contractions. Stimulating your nipples is supposed to get the hormone flowing. But it takes time.

Get A Massage
There are pressure points on a body said to trigger a pregnant woman into labour. It will at least help her calm down.

Place a plastic bowl inside your toilet with one-two cups of ground coffee. Boil water and pour it over the coffee. Sit on the toilet and let it steam up for twenty minutes or so.

Or you can just make yourself a coffee and drink it.

Books and Movies
Picking something emotional to read or watch is said to help induce labour. It can be funny, sad, happy, etc. Emotion is meant to relieve tension and let contractions begin when they couldn’t under so much pressure.

Doing it once isn’t going to work according to many people. Up to six times a night is said to bring that baby along.

Stinging Nettles
In olden times there it is said that women were hit on their stomach and back with stinging nettles to induce labour. Though this is certainly not a recommendation for self-explanatory reasons.

Drink Tea
Red raspberry leaf tea is meant to help labour by toning the muscles of your womb, this way they’ll work more efficiently.

Scrubbing the Floor
You don’t have to scrub the floor. As long as you’re on all fours, swinging your hips, your water should break.

+Nelly Bowyer, Year 10 Work Experience

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