With marble patterns and curated layouts literally being kicked out of the door of our homes, we welcomely invite dark woods and rich rustic hues to settle in.

Yep thats right, its time to talk interiors…

As a new season arrives, so does the new trends that come along with it. Coming from the contemporary design trends of 2016, the year of 2017 is all about returning back to our earthy and mindfully conscious surroundings; meaning we must not only adore the residence we find ourselves in but connect with it on a conscious level. Deep, right?

We are starting to notice a more natural and personal flavour on peoples homes. I’m talking scrapping the impersonal whiteboard and investing in a family filled cork-board.

Ultimately, this season is about returning to that safe and cosy feeling you experience when at home, utilising it as more of a intimate retreat rather than a display home.

If you want a little inspo or maybe your just interested in interior design… Keep on reading!


Effortlessly classy yet cosy, this emerald green colour is everything. You could go green walls for that nature feel, or even just pop it in through a well placed lamp. Either way, it will definitely catch your eye and remind you of your roots (excuse the pun).


I mean white/tan wood floors could not be more 2016. Really.

Floorboards can be a hit and miss, but some dark stand-out boards are enough for that unique yet warm look your searching for. They also channel that sense of escapism that is so highly sought after.


Relaxed, carefree and personal.

Textures can add so much to your home and they come in so many unique ways.

For this season, go for some textured cushions and throws along with a possible cork board. The key to texture is keeping it simple and creative, relaxed not curated.


Also known as earthy ‘controlled rusticity’, this mood is rising quickly in peoples homes for seasons to come.

I’m talking effortlessly placed woven baskets, nature inspired decorations and flowy drapes.


Why have a garden outside when you can have it in your kitchen or even in your lounge room.

Indoor gardens are so personal and give you something to keep alive, yet add that nature theme to your room and a pop of that GREEN!

There you go… Get shopping people, or if you have any questions feel free to contact me here: bella@circusmedia.com.au

+Bella Dalrymple Project Assistant

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