The family within Circus Media took to the island off America for a beautiful get away in both Maui and Waikiki. The girls took the time to spend quality time with their family, recharge the batteries and check out all that Hawaii has to offer.

From luau’s to snorkelling with sea turtles in a sunken volcanic crater and cruising the North Shore to hiking Diamond Head, read on to hear all about the girl’s adventures.

CARLY | Owner & PR Director

You recently gave birth to your second child, the beautiful little Oscar. How did you go travelling with a newborn just 10 days old as well as your 2-year-old Indiana?

It was a handful! Yes I know I’m crazy but my love of travelling outweighs pretty much everything. We had planned this trip before I knew I was pregnant and since the timings all worked out I figured, why not recuperate in a Hawaiian resort surrounded by my extended family?

Oscar was great as he pretty much ate and slept the whole time but Indie required a little more attention having reached the Terrible Twos. Although with the extra activities and less sleep, a few extra tired tantrums were to be expected.

This was your 7th time visiting the US, however the first time it was with the whole family together. What was different about this trip to the others?

Even though Hawaii is technically part of America, aside from the accents, it doesn’t really feel like it. Usually when I visit the US it’s more of an adventure, whereas this trip was more like a holiday – where you relax, swim, sunbake and eat. Especially considering I’d had a baby 10 days ago.

What was your most memorable experience from your trip?

Even though it was way too hot on the day we went there, I really enjoyed Pearl Harbour. I’m a big history nerd so I loved it. The USS Arizona memorial, the USS Missouri and seeing the Japanese suicide torpedoes was pretty damn cool.

DEB | Business Manager

What was the best meal you had over there? Did a particular restaurant stand-out?

We had quite a few great meals but I think my meal at Dukes in Maui was especially nice. I had the Opakapaka fish of the day (aka Hawaiian Pink Snapper). It was cooked beautifully with spices and was super delicious. Duke’s was also located right on the beach and made for an incredible view; we sipped on cocktails whilst watching the sunset amongst the tall coconut and palm trees.

Fleetwood’s on Front Street ran a close second. Owned by rock musician Mick Fleetwood, the restaurant was located in the popular ‘Front Street’ in Maui and provided an unreal atmosphere with a band playing Blues Music. The food was exquisite and the wine menu was extensive. Steak was the most popular dish amongst the family and they were not disappointed, not to mention a beautiful bottle of Pinot Noir from Oregon went down really well with the meal.

What did you like about travelling with your family? Particularly your two gorgeous grandkids?

I feel really lucky and so grateful that all my family get on well and really enjoy each other’s company. Spending time with the grandkids swimming in the pool, playing at the beach and lots of cuddles when they were tired was the best. Indie mastered the ‘shaka’ and unknowingly renamed Waikiki, ‘Hawaiki’.

Talk us through Maui and Waikiki. Which island did you prefer?

Maui had a more island feel about it and I loved the resort style accommodation. It was very relaxing and great for the grandkids. We snorkelled and paddle boarded at the beach, and spent most days lazing around the resort pool before heading out to dinner each night.

Waikiki was tenfold busier but we did stay at a really cool hotel close to the famous Waikiki Beach and luxury mile shopping strip (that was dangerous!).

We experienced a Luau at Chef’s Luau, visited Pearl Harbour, cruised the famous North Shore beaches (where the Pipeline Master is held) and indulged in a heap of food trucks.

We spent 4 nights at Maui and 7 nights in Waikiki, I would have preferred it the other way around but nonetheless loved it all.

BREE | Creative Director

You consider yourself a bit of a stand-up paddle boarding enthusiast. Did you get the chance to have a paddle over there?

Yes! Both in Maui and Waikiki, it was incredible. The scenery was so beautiful and being out in the ocean looking back at the beach laced with palm trees is something I will never forget. It was pretty cool to catch some waves on Waikiki Beach too!

Being a designer and someone who appreciates the beauty of the world, what inspiration have you brought back with you? Was there anything in particular that left you in awe? 

The sunsets we saw in Maui were some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. They definitely left me in awe, as did the ocean scenery when we were out snorkelling in a sunken volcanic crater.  

Visually I couldn’t help but get lost in all the different logo/menu designs and shop fit-outs, even the service station logo was cool! Our hotel in Waikiki, the Laylow, also featured an incredible palm tree patterned wallpaper with matching towels, thongs and room cards. Those small details always really stand out to me. I have bought home with me a lot of postcards, business cards and photographs that have sparked some design inspiration, they now live on my pin board at my desk!

The North Shore had some amazing galleries with such unique artwork, I could have walked around them for hours on end. I enjoy painting in my spare time so I couldn’t help but get motivated to start a new piece now that I am home… Stay tuned!

You were lucky enough to celebrate your first American Halloween! Talk us through your costumes and the overall experience.

Halloween in America was certainly a new experience for me, and it was a highlight of my trip! The buzz in Waikiki that night was incredible – hundreds of people on the streets dressed in every costume you can think of ranging from Donald Trump to an inflatable T-Rex.

After getting lost in a Halloween store for god knows how long we emerged with all of our costumes. I was a Minion, Emily an evil clown, Deb the Cat in the Hat, Carly a unicorn, Alastair (Carly’s partner) a skeleton, Jayden (my partner) a red Crayola crayon (don’t ask), Indie a black cat, Oscar a pumpkin,  Tam (Carly & Emily’s aunty) an evil bunny and Pete (Carly and Emily’s uncle) cosimoto.

Who would have thought that a Minion would attract so much attention! I spent half of my night having selfies with kids, not to mention I was Indie’s new favourite person!

We wandered the streets and finished the night with dinner at The Cheesecake Factory (a personal favourite of mine because who doesn’t love cheesecake?).

If you have never experienced Halloween in America I highly recommend it!

EMILY | Senior Account Manager

Talk us through the highlights of your trip.

Ah! There’s so many. Snorkelling in a sunken volcanic crater and at Turtle Arches, where I was arms distance from a sea turtle. Cruising the North Shore and swimming in the famous white sandy beaches. Pearl Harbour, particular the USS Missouri where I stood exactly where the Japanese surrendered and World War 2 ended. The Chef’s Luau, Halloween, hiking Diamond Head and getting to experience it all with my family.  

What was the best thing you purchased, edible or not?

It would have to be the NYC Wagyu Steak at Fleetwood’s on Front Street, it seriously blew my mind.

If you were to go back, what would you do differently?

I’d love to go for longer and really be able to explore the islands. The day we cruised The North Shore I felt like I only saw a third of what it had to offer. Same with Maui, the surroundings were so beautiful I just wasn’t ready to leave after 4 days.

+Izzy & Emily

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