Our witty Project Assistant Taylar Lavars brings a lot of light, laughter and life tips to our office on the daily, and we thought it was about time we started sharing them with you! Each month Tay will be sharing a new tip and if you’d like her to talk about something specifically, you can email her on taylar@circusmedia.com.au.

Tip 1 – Don’t ever get into an unmade bed!

When your room is messy, your mind is messy. If you only do one thing today, choose to make your bed.

As soon as you get up in the morning, pull your sheets up – give them a shake, fluff up your pillows, take a step back, fill your lungs up with fresh morning air and be grateful for the day.

At the end of your day when it’s time to rest your body and your mind, the least you can do is put yourself into a nicely made bed.

If you collapse into your messy unmade bed at 10pm after a shitty day, the quality of your nights sleep will be low.

This all comes down to self-respect; respect your body, respect your mind and MAKE YOUR BED!

Photo by Kellie Anderson on Pinterest.

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