This week we were lucky enough to catch up with Jade Langley from the rising business that is Platter Co by Jade! Situated in Geelong and the surrounding areas, Jade creates platters & feasting tables of ABUNDANCE with both a delicious and visual impact.

Enlighten our readers to a bit about yourself? What do you do for a living? 

I make cheese platters! Big abundant cheese platters (& boxes) to make you feel so full and happy with cheese…

Cheese is most definitely life, but how did Platter Co come about?

Well… I was part of planning a big party with my buddy Lou from One Day Pa, at Ubu Gallery in the Fyansford Paper Mills. They have an amazing HUGE table down the centre of the room and we thought, huh… how rad would it be if we covered that in a giant cheese platter? So we did, and the feedback was amazing, and its just rolled on from there.

How long have you been Platter Co being running? Is it something you plan to continue for years to come?

Its been a little over a year now, but I’ve just made the jump to making Platter Co a little more than just my side venture. And yes, EEEKKKK this is crazy frightening scary, but I’m excited.

Have you had any culinary or styling training?

A little Visual merchandising study, and I’ve been working in hospitality and with retail brands for years now, so I suppose I’ve been able to bring the two together.

Can you talk us through your various platters? What’s your favourite?

I have two levels for my grazing tables, Standard & Deluxe. Standard package includes some delicious mid range & quality cheese. But gosh I love it when people go deluxe! I get to order in some of the little fancy fun varieties and give them a test run

Do you have any tips in putting a platter together that’s both visually stunning and delicious? What are your top necessities for an epic feasting platter?

Everybody needs a buddy, and a complimentary buddy. Adding a little sweetness with your cheeses like a quince or fruit paste, dried or fresh figs, or even a nice slice of fruit bread is one of my favourite combos

What would a day in the life of Jade look like? Run us through what you might get up to?

Well… right now is a bit different to what it soon will be once I finish up working full time! My days will be a mix of working in hospitality, pouring wine & making coffees. And a few days worth a plattering to the MAX. And throwing in some running or training with Little Bantam Surf Style training… you eat the cheese, you do the sweaty work too #balance 😉

Platters like yours are becoming more and more popular being the more favoured and social type of catering for events rather than a sit-down meal. What do you envision for the future of Platter Co

Wowee. Who knows?! Part of this whole thing is trend based, but there is such a real foundation for cheese love in this town. It would be pretty rad to have everyone in Geelong & surrounds having sampled something from a Platter Co platter in 2yrs time… (even the Vegan and lactose free ones!)

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Ummm whats that??? Haha. I do love a wine, and enjoying good food so you’d most likely find me doing that with friends on a night off. Or just enjoying a little couch time with my pooch after a walk/run.

Lastly, if you had a bucket list, what would be number one on the list?

France. I need to go to France and eat and drink all of things.

+Emily Post, Senior Account Manager & Bella Dalrymple Project Assistant

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