This week on Ladies We Love we spoke with Chloe Heaver – an up and coming fashion designer & owner to Ninety Sixth Street! Established in 2016, Chloe creates simplistic designs that are always on trend! Focusing on designing both clutches and swimwear, Ninety Sixth Street continues to grow and has made its way into magazines and stores as well as being promoted by well-known fashion influencers!

Tell us a little about yourself Chloe?

Firstly, thank you guys for having myself and my label Ninety Sixth Street on this weeks ‘Ladies We Love’ blog! I’m super excited to be answering your questions. I’m 22 years old and I am from Williamstown, Melbourne.

What prompted you to start a business designing clutches & swimwear? Can you tell us about Ninety Sixth Street (NSS)?

I grew up around my parents who are both entrepreneurs so I have always been surrounded by leadership in my household. I worked for my parents for a few years before making the decision to create my own business, if it wasn’t for them I’m not sure I would have ever taken the leap. Once I had the idea it all happened very fast so I got stuck into at full speed straight away! I love creating new things and making products that are affordable yet high quality.

Do you have any fashion design qualifications? If not, how did you develop the skills to create such beautiful pieces?

Back in high school I did a short VET course that taught us how to make an entire outfit. It gave me the basic skills needed to learn how to design, sew, draw and create specification sheets. Over the past two years I have taught myself how to use a more complexed Industrial Machine. I think that most people assume my clutches are made offshore, when really they are all designed and sewn by myself in my warehouse. I really wanted to learn every single area of my business before I started assigning jobs to others; I’ve put a lot of work into Ninety Sixth Street and I have particularly enjoyed teaching myself everything.

With the fashion industry so hard to break into, were you ever nervous of failure? 

I have been asked this question a lot and I don’t ever recall being nervous of failure! It’s a totally normal thing for start up entrepreneurs to have thoughts of failure, but I am surrounded by many supportive and positive people so this is something that doesn’t cross my mind.  However ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne helps me on my low days, reminding me that I can achieve anything.

We are loving the new 2018 range! If you had to choose your favourite piece of the collection what would it be?

Thank you! I actually have two new colours coming very soon and one of the colours is a bright orange, it’s definitely my favourite so far!  

Seeing as your Instagram following has gained nearly 16k followers since May last year, what are your tips to achieve such a large following?

I think engaging with your followers is super important. I try to reply to all questions and thank my followers when they show me support. I also run giveaways to give back to all of my customers and I think this is a really good way to keep your followers engaged. If your clients love your products and you market well, they will sell themselves! 

We noticed Tammy Hembrow was wearing your ‘Elise Set’ on her Instagram, is it exciting to know that popular fashion influencers are now wearing your designs?

I have been a fan of Tammy for a long time now and seeing her post in my Swim Range was so exciting to see! It was a very nice surprise when “@tammyhembrow tagged you in a post” popped up on my phone and knowing that she loves my products. 

With their now being a NSS Headquarters in Melbourne – is there hopes that one day there will be a NSS store?

I haven’t quite thought about having a store just yet. I’m focusing on being purely online for now instead of jumping ahead. I’m sure this will be a topic to discuss one day!

Lastly, what does the forecast for Ninety Sixth Street look in 2018 and beyond? Are there any new collections in the works that we should be keeping our eyes peeled for?

A new clutch range is currently underway and will be released after summer!
I’m also taking part in a few exciting Fashion & Streetwear Expos and trade shows, so I’m hoping 2018 is going to be a big year!

+Senior AM Emily & Intern Holly Bealham 

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