Bex Nardi, the girl-boss brains behind popular hair salon Berdi and Geelong’s hottest new concept Blo Out Bar spends her days changing peoples lives one blow wave at a time. Featuring on this week’s Ladies We Love series, the hustling blonde shares her journey with us that’s seen her become a highly success owner of two thriving businesses.

Let’s start off with what you do for a living?

I’m a hairdresser and have been for the past 16 years. I’ve been operating Berdi for almost 7 years now and have just opened up a second business ‘Blo Out Bar’, that’s only 5 weeks old.

Can you talk us through your journey in getting to where you are today?

After working for some of Geelong’s more reputable salons for over 9 years, (coincidentally all in Pakington St), I decided to search for the most perfect location. And Pakington Street was always in my sights. For me opening a salon was always on my agenda, especially coming from a family filled with small businesses. Berdi (Bex Nardi) evolved in 2010 and has brought me many years of success. After entering The Geelong Business Excellence Awards last year and taking out the Small Business of the Year Award, it pushed me to venture out and take anther risk in Blo Out Bar, something that was very new to Geelong.

How did Blo Out Bar come about?

I’m mad for a blo out…I mean, who isn’t? So in my years of travelling, you could find me at the nearest Blo Dry Bar, getting ideas and inspiration. I guess it’s been a very loose idea I’ve had to bring one to Geelong, and when the shop right next to Berdi became available I knew it was now or never. Timing is everything.

What would you say are your biggest motivations in life? What drives you to grow?

I love a project, and can never really just sit still. To me my life would be boring with no plans, no stress, no challenges.

What’s you favourite hair look for this Winter season, are there any new trends out there?

Well the most popular style our Blo Out Bar clients are loving is the ‘Bells Beach- Tousled’ (beach vibes with tousled tresses), so you can wear it edgy, messy and a little bit sexy.

What are your top 3 products you love?

My top three products are:

O&M- Surf bomb
Sea Salt Spray

O&M Conquer Blonde conditioner
ALL blondes need this in their life

Schwarzkoph Osis Refresh Dust
Because we can’t live without dry shampoo

We admire your lively and excitable outlook on life, traits of which transfer into your unstoppable work ethic. What do you enjoy most abut working at Berdi and now Blo Out Bar?

The 2 best things about my job at both Berdi and Blo Out Bar, are my hardworking, fabulous team who are more like a family to me now and our clients. There’s no better feeling than knowing your client is walking out the door with their head held high, strutting their stuff with that little extra pep in their step.

Where do you envision you two businesses to be in the next 5 years? Do you have any particular plans to grow?

5 years ago I never envisioned having a second business so you just never know what the future may bring.

Do you have a mantra or quote that you live by? 

“Everything happens for a reason”

Lastly, what does a day in the life of Bex look like?

In an ideal world I’d start the day with some exercise, a morning coffee at Mister Miller (my favourite brother/barista) followed by creating fabulous hair all day long. I’d probably be organising a dinner after work somewhere yummy with friends or even constructing the most delicious cheese platter to entertain at home.

+Project Assistant Bella Dalrymple

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