I may be a regular customer to multiple Mecca Cosmetica’s all over Victoria (cheers Mum for the shopaholic gene), but there are a few must-have products that remain at the forefront of my beauty regime. Alike the ever-changing world of fashion, makeup is constantly evolving; we have seriously progressed from over-plucking our eyebrows and frosted blue eyeshadow.

With the exciting and somewhat overwhelming amount of new products that bombard us online and in-stores nowadays… How do we choose? The options are endless, and if you don’t have your staple products in order you can easily return home with roughly four of the same blushes (I’ll spare you from the dramatic personal anecdote of me at age 13).

If you are new to makeup or just want to spice up your everyday routine… Keep on reading for my top-5 products!

1. Too Faced ‘Born this Way’ foundation

I was born to love all things makeup, and most definitely born to LOVE this foundation. Unlike most foundations that claim to provide a medium to full coverage this product is infused with moisturising coconut water and brightening Alpine rose, so its actually good for your skin and won’t leave you feeling dry and flaky. The popular Too Faced foundation aims to masterfully diffuse the lines between skin and makeup so that you are left with a perfect complexion and blurred imperfections. If you don’t believe me… Believe the stats – Too Faced studies conducted prove that 100% of users said that the foundation masked their blemishes, 98% said it made their skin look “perfect” and 97% said it had a “natural” looking coverage.

2. Benefit ‘Hoola’ bronzer

Damn I just love Benefit products. Along with their exquisite packaging and marketing, they produce products that not only work amazingly, but establish their place in your beauty regime FOREVER. Ever since I first got my hands on this wonder, I have not put it down. The compact bronzer is the perfect universal shade that appears to seamlessly blend in to the natural hollows of cheekbones of thousands around the world. To make matters even better, if you find the matte shade to be a tad to dark or you are in the midst of a harsh winter, opting for the new ‘Hoola LITE’ is the way to go. You can’t go wrong with this staple as it fits all your desires in a Hawaiian inspired box, it contours, bronzes and brings the tanned glow back to your face. What more could you want?

3. Becca Cosmetics ‘Champagne POP’

Like popping a sparkling bottle of Moët this compact highlighter will bring back the party to everyday makeup. Its dazzling champagne colour is adored by beauty gurus and makeup lovers (including myself) all over the world. When applied on the high-points of the face (where the light naturally hits) it allows for all that walk past to catch a glimmer of your glow – definitely a must-have!

4. Smashbox Full Exposure EyeShadow Palette

Giving you immediate exposure to your staple eye shades, this palette will get you through all seasons. The Smashbox curated palette provides the ultimate matte neutral shades with corresponding long wearing shimmers, allowing the option to tone this tone or spice things up. The popular palette is deemed a must-have for everyone, whether your experienced in the field or a newbie. It’s defiantly earned its place on this list that’s for sure!

5. Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara

Listen to the name girls… Need I say more?

Okay I will. This mascara is honestly revolutionary. Yes, revolutionary. The thick yet volumizing formulated texture allows for long and intensely black lashes while maintaining that classic natural look we all strive for. Each coat curls lashes to new heights and stays on all night. What more do you want in a tube of mascara?

And that’s it! 5 must-have products that I believe you should have stocked up in your bathroom. I love makeup, but I love more when I can rely on great products and great brands that will never let me down.

+Bella | Project Assistant

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