We have all had people tell us never to regret things when we are young, and to experience as much as we possibly can. For my 18th birthday my Aunty gave me a small text called ’18 things I wish someone told me when I was 18′ written by Marc Chernoff. At the beginning, I thought it was a bit of a weird thing to give an 18-year-old but after reading it from front to back I realised how lucky I am to have been given such a meaningful and priceless present.

Here’s a few things someone told me when I was 18…

Commit yourself to making lots of mistakes – Mistakes teach you important lessons. The biggest mistake you can make is doing nothing because you are too scared to make a mistake. So, don’t hesitate & don’t doubt yourself. In life, it’s rarely about getting a chance, it’s about taking a chance!  Remember if you never act, you will never know for sure, and you will be left standing in the same spot forever.

Find hard work you love doing – The one thing I really wish someone told me when I was going into year 12 and turning 18, is to not base my career choice on other people’s ideas, goals and recommendations. Don’t pick a subject because it’s popular and will get you into Science at Melbourne Uni (not that there’s anything wrong with Science at Melbourne Uni) but simply do the classes you love. If you remain true to yourself, and follow your interests and values, you can find success through passion. Because at the end of the day hard work isn’t hard when you love what you do.

Invest time, energy and money in yourself every day – When you invest in yourself you can never lose, and over time you will change the trajectory of your life. You are simply the product of what you know. The more time, energy and money you spend acquiring pertinent knowledge, the more control you have over your life.

We’d love to hear from you and maybe a few things you wish you were told when you were 18.

+Izzy Rowlands, Project Assistant

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